Yellowlees Farm – Honestly a Heaven on Earth

If ever there was a place that I went to and really really really didn’t want to leave…. It was Yellowlees Farm.

It was a bright and chilly morning when we went to meet Dennis and Karen Yellowlees at their farm where they have been raising sheep for over 20 years. When we got there they were both busy in separate barns as their ewes had begun lambing. Still, during this busy time they both took time out to show us around, chat and fill us in on their farming practices .

The Yellowlees’ raise their animals in a traditional natural way. No antibiotics in the feed. No growth promoting hormones. All healthy diet and clean beautiful barns and fields. The epitome of what we look for in a farm environment.

As we were standing just inside the barn that held lambs that were a week and older with their moms some little ones kept bouncing up to us to see what we were all about. A few of these lambs were either twins or triplets and they are supplemented with bottle milk so they were the boldest thinking we might have something yummy for them. Adorable!

After a great visit we purchased some samples from Karen and headed on our way.

I am trying to find an excuse to go back an visit Yellowlees Farm – just to be there. It is beautiful, warm, comfortable and peaceful – It is hard to really explain it – you’ll just have to go and see yourself someday.


Update – Feb 15 – I think it’s official – Yellowlees produces one of the best tasting lamb in Ontario. We have had a chance to taste it and also to give to some of our ‘testing friends’ to get their unbiased opinion and the jury is unanimous that it is delicious fantastic lamb. I honestly think that there is not only a connection between what an animal eats and how it tastes but also I believe that how that animal is raised makes a difference in the quality. This one is definitely a winner and we hope to be able to provide this to our customers for sure. B.