About Us

The Quest for Deliciousness!

For us the ‘Quest for Deliciousness’ in the meats we eat started years ago. Back then we began noticing that the chicken, beef and pork we were buying at our local stores no longer had the same flavours they used to. In some cases it seemed that even the textures of our meats had changed. So we started asking questions….”What’s going on with our food? – What has changed in the last 10-15 years to make our food tasteless?” Well, therein lied the problem – we realized that we had NO idea where this meat came from, what it was fed, how it was raised or how it was butchered and processed before it got to our kitchen.

This realization that we were so out of touch with our food led us on our quest for deliciousness and quality. So we left our local supermarket and our city to find the answers we were looking for.

Our journey started on-line but the real answers have been found in person by meeting with and talking directly to those that produce and prepare the best tasting and healthiest meat products. These are local Ontario farmers and meat processors who are passionate about raising their animals in natural surroundings and using more traditional practices to grow their livestock. All the farmers we purchase meat from either grow their own feed or purchase locally grown feed that is antibiotic-free – and they do not believe in the use of growth promoting hormones.

Through forging new relationships and gaining a wealth of information from the people we have met and continue to meet on our travels we have also satisfied our ‘quest for deliciousness’ in the meats we eat – we have found delicious healthy meat again at our own local Ontario farms!

We want to share our findings and knowledge with our friends, family and neighbours which is why we started Meat Me in the Junction. A way for us to bring delicious quality meats directly from these great local farms to your table.

John and Bria

PS – Check out the ‘Recipes and More…’ section of the site and our Facebook page www.Facebook.com/meatmeinthejunction for stories about the farmers we’ve met and places we’ve visited.