Welcome to Meat Me in the Junction

Meat Me in the Junction is a healthy, delicious and affordable meat purchasing service situated in the Junction neighbourhood of Toronto. We travel to local farms to meet with farmers and processors to learn about their products and practices to bring the best quality meats home for our customers.

In a nutshell at Meat Me in the Junction we strive to:

  • Make it easier and more affordable for families to buy and enjoy healthy and delicious meats from local farmers.
  • Allow our customers to know how their food is made and where it comes from.
  • Support local farmers and processors who exhibit the highest standards and practices and encourage them to continue making great food.

Meat Me in the Junction is your connection to healthy great tasting; beef, pork, poultry and lamb!

John and Bria

PS – to see the types of products we sell or to place an order check out the Order page. To receive a product/price list please send us a note via the Contact Us page and we will promptly send you the current list.

For information on the effects of COVID19 on our service please visit our Order FAQ page.