Northward along the Bruce Peninsula

My sister, who lives with her hubby, GSP and Boo kitty at the tip of the mighty Bruce Peninsula, tipped us on to a fabulous sheep farmer outside of Owen Sound. So this week’s trip was to go North to Owen Sound and then more North to Tobermory for a great family visit.

To start our trip we met up with Sheila and Jeff at Keady (pronounded K-D) market which is just outside of Owen Sound. I must say – it is worth the drive to Keady! What a fantastic market. With the smell of freshly popped kettle popcorn in the air this market was a-buzz with all types of vendors and shoppers. From the livestock auction, fresh local fruit and vegetables, local crafts/jewelry and more than I can think of, there is definitely something there for everyone!

After checking out Keady we went to meet Bill and Pam Stonehouse. Appearing in the distance as we climbed a hill leaving Owen Sound we could see the big red barn that welcomes you to Stonehouse Farm. We visited with the Stonehouse’s for a while and met their friendly horse named Dakota. That trip we bought our first 1/2 lamb from Bill and Pam and have since been back a few times to buy more. The Northern Cheviot lambs from Stonehouse has been some of the best we have tried. And if you know me – I LOVE lamb – so I have tried quite a bit.

After that we continued up to Tobermory to relax and enjoy great company, laughs and food! Fantastic! – thanks Sheila & Jeff!

If you’re looking for a day trip this summer I would recommend checking out Keady Market and then going into Owen Sound. It is a bit of a hike but to this traveller – well worth it. Keady market is open on Tuesdays throughout the summer. Google em on-line for more information, directions and hours.