Go East Young Traveller…

This week we travelled East of the city to visit a few farms and markets . First up on our day plans was to visit the Found Family Farm near Oshawa where Marianne and Stan Found raise cattle and pigs. John had met Marianne at the Royal Winter Fair some weeks earlier and was compelled by her passion to take this trip out East to visit her farm and some others that she recommended to see how they operate. We met with Stan who graciously showed us around, answered many questions and sold us some samples from his freezer. 

Sam, our trusty travel companion, met a friend too – a beautiful old boy named Harley who had many tail wags for her!

Also on our travels we stopped by Ken Lamb’s farm and you guessed it… he raises sheep! We met with Ken’s father Bill who showed us around the place and told us a bit about their operation. It was a very picturesque location. After purchasing some lamb samples from Bill (that we will be sharing with some friends tonight!) we headed back West for home.

A great day meeting new people and seeing new places. It doesn’t get much better than this!